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*tries hard to think of something interesting to write in my 'about me' section*

I have been known to eat an entire Battenberg in one sitting? - No

I have never watched Star Wars? - Probably not the one

All of my blog posts are written whilst wearing a tent-like t-shirt and gorging on some Dairy Milk? - No, why would anyone even need to know that?

Ok, so maybe I should just hit you all with the generic, mind-numbing intro stuff (generic and mind-numbing are my area of expertise, after all).

So, I am a soon-to-be English Lit graduate. I'm a country girl from Devon now living in the big old city of Cardiff. You can usually find me pining for some proper cider or writing a heated letter to the Greggs head office about their insulting use of whipped cream on their scones (whipped though?!).

I have been running this blog since the beginning of time (2013) but am very inconsistent. Otherwise, I would have been the next Zoella already, no doubt. But now I am freed from the neverending cycle of deadlines and seminar prep that is higher education, I am trying to focus more on getting this blog off its feet.

This blog is mainly focused on lifestyle things like trips, and food, and lists, and food but I chuck a couple of fashion pieces in the mix sometimes as well as opinion pieces. I am pretty much a left-wing cliche so be prepared because I go from 0 to political activist very quickly.

Other than that, there's not much else to mention other than that I am married (sorry, boys) to an absolute sweetheart who I drag around to every possible location in Cardiff to help take all my outfit pics.

If you want to chat (please do!) hit me up on Twitter - I basically live there nowadays - or drop me an email. I am very open to working with brands as well (hint hint).

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